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Replayer Options

Use the Holdem Manager Hand Replayer Options to choose the following options:


Show known cards

Check to display the villain’s known Hole Cards.


Show hero hole cards

When unchecked the hero's hole cards will be removed from the replayer.


Show win %

Check to display the street by street Win % for the known cards.

Show HUD stats

When unchecked, this option removes the HUD from the Hand Replayer popup window.

Use stats up to day of hand*

When checked, stats for players are only calculated up to the date of the hand.

Current action highlight
When checked, the player's whose action it is will be highlighted.

Use session stats for hero*
When checked, only the stats from the Session being replayed will be shown in the Hero HUD.

Show win/loss colors
When checked, the hands in the hand list slide bar will show as either green (won) or red (lost)  


*These options affect the number of hands the stats in the HUD will use.

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