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Filters / Tournament Filters

Tournament Filters provide specific filtering options for tournament players.

How To Use Tournament Filters
Tournament Filter List


How To Use Tournament Filters

  1. Highlight a Filter in the Available Filters section at the top.  (Once it's highlighted a green "+" symbol will apear on the bottom left of this box.)
  2. You can either add the filter now or adjust values of the filter.  (For example: you might filter for buyins "less than $5.00" like the screen above.)
  3. Once it's added to the active filters you can click OK and this filter will be applied to the current Tournament Report.


Tournament Filter List (Filter by)

  • Tournament Tag
  • Tournament
  • Buyin
  • Blind Structure
  • STT
  • MTT
  • # of Players in Tournament
  • Tournament Table Size
  • Bustout Hand
  • Stack Size
  • Stack Size in BB's
  • Effective Stack
  • Effective M
  • M Orbits
  • Big Blind
  • Antes
  • Antes not in Play
  • Antes in Play




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