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Hand Replayer



Use the Hand Replayer to replay any hand in a Holdem Manager database.  There are several functions and options for the Hand Replayer

  1. Replayer Controls
  2. Replayer Options (Icon)
  3. Hand Notes (Icon)
  4. Loading Hands Into Hand Replayer
  5. Summary Tab (Tournament Mode)

replayer pic.png

The HUD Overlays in the Hand Replayer work exactly like they do in the HM poker client.  See HUD Basics for more information.

The basic features of the Hand Replayer are as follows:
  • Stakes / Table / Date
  • HUD Overlays
    • All Hands on Opponent
    • Hands up to Time of Hand being replayed
  • Replay Single Hands or Hands in Succession
  • Notes
  • Pot Odds Display
  • Instantly Jump to the Preflop, Flop, Turn or River
  • Adjust Speed of the Replayed Hand
  • Show Known Cards
  • Show Win %
  • Export Hands
  • Link to My HM - Effective 8/1/2013, MY HM has been discontinued. -Read More
  • Mobile Upload   Effective 8/1/2013, Mobile Upload has been discontinued. -Read More

Hand Notes (Icon)

Use the Hand Notes feature to Tag and add notes to hands in the Replayer.

player notes.png

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