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How Do I Mark a Hand for Later Review?


How do I mark hands so I can find them easier in my database?


  1. Open a Hand History from a table you are playing at by clicking on a Last Hand Winner name in the Table Summary HUD
  2. Look at the picture below and note the box the Red Arrow points to. 
  3. Tick this box to Mark the Hand for Review
  4. Tick a box in the Yellow Arrow section to add a Custom Tag for the hand.  Ceate Custom Tags by selecting Add/Delete Tag
  5. Check to see the hands have been marked correctly by ticking the Show only Marked Hands in the Holdem Manager Reports Hands View
  6. Click here to see how to mark hands from the Table HUD using mouse shortcuts OR click here to see how to use Hotkeys to mark hands.



Removing Hand Marks / Tags

To unmark a hand, simple uncheck the checkbox for the marked hand in the hand history viewer or by right clicking a hand in the hand view and unchecking the hand mark / tag.




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