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Setting a max hand value on the replayer

You can cap the amount of hands shown in the replayer for a player by entering the max number of hands you want to see in the "Replayer Max Hands" input box which is accessible when the hud is shown by clicking on the settings button (which is beside the Hud Dropdown menu) as explained below:

Setting this value to 0 will show all hands.
Setting this value to 10000 will show the last 10k hands for this player if he has more than 10k hands

If have a small database you dont really need to worry about it as its set to 20k by default which is much more hands than most people have. If you do happen to have a large database where players have in excess of 20k hands then you can tweak the setting to your liking.

By setting it to 0 (All Hands) on a large database you will increase the time before the stats appear for that player.
If you dont want to see a delay before the hud shows up you can set the max hands to a value of around 20k, you may be able to show considerably more without noticing a delay on a higher spec PC so try playing around with the setting until you find something that suits you.

This is accessed by clicking the Replayer's options button in the Table HUD

The reason there is a slight delay is HM2 loads information about that players hands into memory, this allows us to run advanced filters so the slight delay on first load is a trade-off to have much more powerful hud filters in HM2

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