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Use Filter by Actions to filter for the action by:

  • Preflop
  • Flop
  • Turn
  • River



By default, all the Actions are selected. To select a specific action, tick the applicable checkbox for preflop, flop, turn or river. Then highlight the desired Action to add to the Filter.

Any combination of Actions can be selected. For each street (except Preflop) there are 4 different possible original actions: check, bet, raise and call. Select the action that applies filter only those actions.


  • To select multiple Actions that are not listed in order simply left click when selecting different Actions.  This will highlight the Actions as they are selected. 


  • To select multiple Actions that are listed in order; highlight the top Action, then hold the Shift key while selecting the bottom Action.  This will automatically highlight all the Actions between the two selected Actions.

  • If you want to see all hands that start on specific street with selected action: Select 'Check/Raise/Call/Bet Any' in the list, depending on which action you want to see.


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