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How is the Graphics Card Driver updated?

How is the graphics card driver updated?

A lot of graphics and crash issues can be related to the graphics card. As new technology is released, bugs with the graphics card driver emerge. So, Nvidia and other companies release updates to fix these issues. This FAQ illustrates how to find out the name of the graphics card. Then it will be possible to search for a new driver.


The following process works in XP, Vista and Windows 7. Pictures may vary slightly but overall it will be pretty similar

Click on the start menu. Then "run" (Windows Vista does not have RUN in Start Menu by default. But it is easily accessed by pressing “Windows” + “R” keys simultaneously or typing run in Start > Search).


Then type "dxdiag" in the window and hit OK. If prompted at this stage, you can select Yes for this.

On the "display" tab (1) it will show the name of the graphics card (2). 


If it says Nvidia, go here:
Nvidia Drivers

If it says ATI, go here:
ATI Video Drivers

Download the drivers for the model of graphics card and the operating system.

If it is none of the above, try Googling "download driver (name of the graphics card)"

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