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How are Hands Exported?

How are hands exported?*


Exporting from database based on filters

*Note: You need to pick a hero screen name in the Reports, and not an alias name that contains multiple screen names, before you Export the hands using either of these methods.  You must Export once for each of your screen names.


To export hands from a database based on date range, Hero only, game type or stakes, use the export feature in the Database Manager.


Exporting Individual Hands

To export a specific group of hands or an individual hand, do so via the Hands Window from the Reports, Sessions or Opponents sections. There are a couple of options to select a single or multiple hands.

1) Select a single hand - Left click
2) Select multiple non consecutive hands - Left click on a hand while holding down the Ctrl button.
3) Select multiple consecutive hands - Left click on a hand. Scroll down to the last consecutive hand that is to be selected. Hold down Shift and left click the hand. It will select all the hands from the 1st to last hand.

After selecting one or more hands right click and choose export from the menu:


Finally choose the path in which to export the hands to. Holdem Manager 2 will create a .txt file with the exported hands. These can then be imported into Holdem Manager 1 or 2.

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