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Basic Filters
includes 4 sections:

1. Game Stakes and Number of players
2. Common Filters
3. Position and Action
4. VS Player


1. Game Stakes and Number of players


Filter by the big blinds amount at the table. For example, filtering between 0 and 0.10 will show all games at 10nl or lower where the big blind is less than 10c. There are also options to filter by currency or based on how many players were at the table.

2. Common Filters



  • Relative Position - The player who is directly to the right of the pre-flop raiser. It is common the preflop raiser will cbet. When he does, the player to the right of the raiser has the advantage of seeing what the other players do before acting. For example UTG, MP check the flop and the hero is in the CO, then the BTN who was the preflop raiser c-bets the flop. UTG called, so did MP and so the hero has relative position because they act after everyone else has made an action.
  • VPIP - If the player voluntarily put money in the pot or not
  • PFR - If the player raised preflop or not
  • CBET - If the player made a continuation bet on the flop, a continuation bet is betting the flop after being the Pre Flop Raiser
  • Saw Turn - If the player was still in the hand when the turn card was dealt
  • Saw Showdown - If the player got to the river and didn't fold and got to showdown
  • 3bet - When someone raises once and another player raises again,  they are said to have 3bet him
  • Fold to Cbet - This is % of time where the player faced a continuation bet and folded
  • Saw River - If the player was still in the hand when the river card was dealt
  • Saw Flop - If the player was still in the hand when the flop card was dealt
  • Called 3bet - If the player was facing a 3bet after being the preflop raiser and called
  • 4bet - If there is a raise and someone 3bets and there is a raise again, it is said to be a 4bet

3. Position and Action


Filter by what position the hero was in. Also, filter by the action that the hero was facing.

Example: To see all hands where the hero faced a raise on the button, tick "Button" for position and "1 raiser" for preflop action facing hero.

4. Vs Player



  • Use Vs Player - Allows youi to filter for hands against specific villians
  • Won or Lost - Use this to filter out blind steals and other small insignificant amounts of money won or lost

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