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Table Manager

Table Manager

Use Table Manager to view all open table stats and easily mangage all open poker tables. Options include:

  1. View Open Tables and Table Stats
  2. Select HUD Configs
  3. Set Seat
  4. Table Finder


1. View Open Tables and Table Stats
Use Table Manger to View all open table and the table stats. Table stats include:
  • Site
  • Name of table
  • Average Pot Size
  • # of Players
  • Average VP$IP
  • Amount Won or Lost
  • Hands

2. Select HUD Configs
Use this option to select the HUD for specific tables. Click the  'Use for all tables' if the same HUD is needed for all tables.


3. Set seat
Use the << and >> buttons to move the HUD to the desired seat. Then click Set seat to permanently set the HUD in that position.


4. Table Finder
Use Table Finder to detect tables if Holdem Manager can not auto-detect them. Click HERE to learn how to use Table Finder.


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