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Use Aliases to combine multiple hero names into a single player for use in Holdem Manager 2.


  1. Click Current Player or your player name in the Ribbon.
  2. In the drop-down menu click the Edit Aliases option.  You can also open this menu from the Options > Settings menu under Aliases
  3. Click the Green Plus button in the Alias Names column.
  4. Enter the Alias name and click OK. This will be the name that all the aliases will be combined under. 
  5. Now click Green Plus button in the Player Site Names column on the right.
  6. Add all the hero names from the poker sites.
  7. Once all the names are added, close the Alias Settings window.
  8. Click Hero button on the ribbon.
  9. Click Select Player
  10. Now enter the Alias Name that was created in Step 3





Now all the poker sites will be combined throughout Holdem Manager. In the example below, the alias Fozzy is loaded. It will combine all the results from the right side Alias Players box above from Cake, Merge, and WPN.



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