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Reports / Filters


Create Filters to analyze a player's game or view results over a specific period of time.



  • Date Range
  • - Filter by date, a specific day, last x hands and several other date related filters.
  • More Filters
  • - This is a comprehensive set of filters such as position, holecards, board texture, hand values, actions, bet size and a large amount of advanced filters.
  • Game Type
  • - Choose between Omaha and Holdem Hands.
  • Apply to all reports
  • - If you want to apply the current filters to all open reports then click this button. You can also use this to clear all reports by using the clear filter and then click apply to all reports.
  • Clear Filters
  • - Clears any active filters for date, more filters or gametype.
  • Refresh
  • - After changing a filter, to apply the change, click this button


Active Filter

When a filter is active, a blue bar will appear just below the report with details of the current filter like shown below. When there are no filters active, the blue bar will disappear.


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