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HUD Settings / Chart Designer


Brand new for Holdem Manager 2 are graphs/charts for the HUD.
  • Session Won Loss shows overall winrate in the session.  See if someone is possibly tilting from recent big losses.
  • Percentile Ranking shows key stats that are setup in a bar graph format.
Using the Percentile Ranking HUD Chart is a great way to help new players understand HUD stats. If the chart is around 50%, that means the player is a solid player when it comes to this stat.  If the bar chart is less than 50%, they do not perform this action as often.  If it is greater than 50%, they perform that particular action more than average.  

Adding Graphs To Your HUD
Chart Designer

Adding Graphs To Your HUD:

Pick the Graphs HUD or...
Go to HUD Settings / Displayed Stats and under the "Charts" heading on the right to select from two different types of Charts.


Chart Designer:

Use the Chart Designer to customize what type of graph, stats, text and color are displayed in the HUD.


Chart Type:
  • Horizontal Bars
  • Bars From Origin
Horizontal Bars display graphs in a horizontal manner. 
Bars From Origin display vertical bars.

Remember, 50% is average. Anything out of that range means the player does this action more frequently or less frequenlty than the average player.  Low bar chart = less.  Big bar chart = more.

Choose the size of the chart to be displayed on the HUD.  (64 pixels is default)

Available Stats:
  • VPIP
  • PFR
  • 3-Bet
  • Aggression Percent
  • Won $ Saw Flop
  • Went to Showdown
  • Won$ Showdown
  • C-Bet Flop
  • C-Bet Turn
  • C-Bet River
  • Fold to Flop CB
  • Fold to Turn CB
  • Fold to River CB
  • Squeeze
  • Open 4-Bet
  • Cold Call 3-Bet
  • Fold to 3-Bet
  • Call 3-Bet
  • 4-Bet


Enter the text for that line on the charts.

Changes the color of the chart bar

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