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Postgres Optimization

Is there an easy way to optimize the postgreSQL database?

Yes, there are two tools that have been added to help with this:
  • Optimization - Vacuum/Reindex/Analyze
  • Tuning - Scans PC Hardware and updates PostgreSQL config file
To get to these options, click Options/Database Management inside of Holdem Manager to enter the Database Control Panel.  Click "Connect."  On this screen, click the "Optimize" button.


Select the database to optimize on the left and select an Option on the right. 

Warning:  This will take a very long time on large databases no matter what option is selected on the right.  Quick is not quick on a 10 million hand database or a 1 million hand database.  For large databases, only run this when you can leave your PC on for a long time. 
  • Quick - Vacuum of all tables
  • Standard - Vacuum of all tabels and reindex of all indexes
  • Full - Vacuum analyze of all tabels and reindex of indexes


This option scans PC hardware and makes changes to the PostgreSQL config file based on the PC Hardware.  It will also create a backup of the original. So, if anything goes wrong, it can be easily reverted back to the original postgres.config file.

Postgres does have ram limits! 

If there is 8GB of ram on your PC, postgres can only get so much ram before it crashes.  Postgres gives very little Ram to certain things. This tool will help a nice PC.  Just do not expect it to go from Prius speed to Ferrari speed by running this tool!

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