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  1. questionSessions Introduction
    Click a heading below to see more information: Change Hero Game Mode Options Heads-Up Display Selected Session Session Summary Session Details Table Manager
  2. questionSessions / Selected Session
    Use Selected Session to view live or archived hand histories. There are two types of sessions: Active Session Previous Session 1. Active Session This shows details of the current session. As hands import, they will populate the different reports and graphs in real time. 2. ...
  3. questionSessions / Session Summary
    Session Summary The Session Summary is found in the upper left quadrant of the Active Session tab. Session Summary incorporates text and graphs to summarize the Selected Session. Session Summary indicates in text: Date and Time of Session Total Hands Session Length Net Won/Lost Biggest Pot Wo ...
  4. questionTable Manager
    Table Manager Use Table Manager to view all open table stats and easily mangage all open poker tables. Options include: View Open Tables and Table Stats Select HUD Configs Set Seat Table Finder 1. View Open Tables and Table Stats Use Table Manger to View all open table and the table stats. ...
  5. questionSessions / Session Details
    Session Details The Session Details section has two views: Graph View Table View Graph View The Graph View displays: Options Hole Cards Hand Won Hand Lost Big Blinds Y-Axis Large Pots Large Pots Total Pot Size Total Pot Size Selected Hand Options Options gives a number of filters. Fil ...