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License & Registration

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  1. questionNew Computer / License Transfer / Reset Code
    Overview: How do I transfer my Holdem Manager License to my new computer? Solution: We have launched a new online form for resetting your own serial codes. Please go to and login to your account. This can be used to clear a code. Then, it can be used on a dif ...
  2. questionHow do I upgrade HM2
    To upgrade your product or add another product, please follow these steps: 1. Visit the Upgrade site. 2. Log into your registered account. All products need to be on the same email account. 3. Choose the product you wish to upgrade. This means the product that you already own. 4. Choose the prod ...
  3. questionI Can Not Activate or Register Holdem Manager
    On the following screen, click "Click here if you have a license code.": Then copy your HM2-licensing code from your account. It will paste automatically on this screen: Should the license code not appear in your account, please use the email address that you used to purchase HM2. ...
  4. questionPayment Options
    Overview: How do I pay for Holdem Manager or one of the Apps? Answer: Navigate to: Once there, add products to your cart, then purchase with any of the following methods: Visa MasterCard American Express PayPal Neteller