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  1. Table ManagerTable Manager [Article]
    Table Manager Use Table Manager to view all open table stats and easily mangage all open poker tables. Options include: View
  2. Game Mode (Ribbon)Game Mode (Ribbon) [Article]
    Cash/Tournament Game Mode There are two Game Modes available in Holdem Manager.
  3. Bottom Status BarBottom Status Bar [Article]
    The Bottom Status shows: Status of Import
  4. What if Norton 360 is Detecting Holdem Manager as a threat?What if Norton 360 is Detecting Holdem Manager as a threat? [Article]
    Norton 360 recently started detecting several processes as threats. This is a false positive. Following this FAQ will ensure Holdem Manager and Norton are compatible:
  5. Is Holdem Manager Legal to use on Poker Sites?Is Holdem Manager Legal to use on Poker Sites? [Article]
    Question: Is Holdem Manager legal to use on poker sites? Answer: Yes it is! If there is any doubt, email the poker sites.&
  6. TableNinjaTableNinja [Article]
    TableNinja Table Ninja provides fully customizable hotkey and tools that make multi-tabling easy. Click
  7. Postgres OptimizationPostgres Optimization [Article]
    Overview: Is there an easy way to optimize the postgreSQL database? Yes, there are two tools that have been added to help with this: Optimizatio
  8. Windows UpdateWindows Update [Article]
    Overview: Occasionally Windows Update will cause the PostgreSQL connection to fail. Note: This is very rare.
  9. PostgreSQL IntroductionPostgreSQL Introduction [Article]
    PostgreSQL is 3rd Party database management software allowing Holdem Manager to save and store Hand History files.
  10. Turning Off UAC (Vista)Turning Off UAC (Vista) [Article]
    Overview: UAC or User Account Control should be turned off when using Holdem Manager. Note: Most of the time runn
  11. Holdem Manager AppsHoldem Manager Apps [Article]
    Holdem Manager App help can be found on the Holdem Manager 1.0 FAQ's or in the Holdem Manager forums.
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