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  1. Reports / Hands ViewReports / Hands View [Article]
    Use the Hands View for easy navigation of individual hands. Number of Hands Shown in Hands View
  2. Party PokerParty Poker [Article]
    Overview: There are 2 steps to configuring Holdem Manager to work with Party Poker:
  3. Fix Holdem Manager 2 Lagging (Reports & HUD)Fix Holdem Manager 2 Lagging (Reports & HUD) [Article]
    How to improve Holdem Manager 2 performance: Please install the latest version of Holdem Manager 2: ht
  4. Holdem Manager & PokerTracker Merger FAQHoldem Manager & PokerTracker Merger FAQ [Article]
    Why did you merge? How will the merger affect customers? How will this impact prices?
  5. Holdem Manager 2 TVHoldem Manager 2 TV [Article]
    Introduction Video
  6. Settings / AliasesSettings / Aliases [Article]
  7. HUD Settings / Tournament FiltersHUD Settings / Tournament Filters [Article]
  8. HM2 Alert Viewer SystemHM2 Alert Viewer System [Article]
  9. Settings / Rakeback and BonusesSettings / Rakeback and Bonuses [Article]
  10. Hand Replayer / Replayer Options IconHand Replayer / Replayer Options Icon [Article]
    Replayer Options Use the Holdem Manager Hand Replayer Options to choose the following options:
  11. HUD Settings / Caddy ReportHUD Settings / Caddy Report [Article]
    This can be turned on by going to HUD Settings > HUD Designer. Tick the "Start Caddy Report on HUD Launch" in the bottom right corner.
  12. Opponents IntroductionOpponents Introduction [Article]
    Click a heading below to see more information: Game Mode
  13. Opponents (Ribbon) / Player Analysis / FiltersOpponents (Ribbon) / Player Analysis / Filters [Article]
    Use the Filters in Player Analysis to filter out hands with the following criteria: Date Range - Choose the dates for hands you want returned. More Filters - Change th
  14. Opponents (Ribbon) / Player Analysis / Stat Analysis and NotesOpponents (Ribbon) / Player Analysis / Stat Analysis and Notes [Article]
    Stat Analysis and Notes Analyze the stats and view notes taken on the
  15. Opponents (Ribbon) / Player Analysis / Big HandsOpponents (Ribbon) / Player Analysis / Big Hands [Article]
    Big Hands Gain valuable information by analyzing how opponents are playing their Big Hands . Create some very informative notes from this information. The Big Han
  16. Opponents (Ribbon) / Player Analysis / Line AnalysisOpponents (Ribbon) / Player Analysis / Line Analysis [Article]
    Line Analysis The Line Analysis tab allows you to anlyze the following: Position Filters
  17. Opponents (Ribbon) / Player AnalysisOpponents (Ribbon) / Player Analysis [Article]
    The Player Analysis tab gives you access to several very powerful tools.
  18. Opponents (Ribbon) / Opponents SummariesOpponents (Ribbon) / Opponents Summaries [Article]
    Opponents Summaries is divided into four different sections: Summaries Filter Opponents Table I
  19. Sessions / Selected SessionSessions / Selected Session [Article]
    Use Selected Session to view live or archived hand histories. There are two types of sessions:
  20. Reports / Cash Game / More ReportsReports / Cash Game / More Reports [Article]
    The Cash Game Mode Reports Tab currently has the following reports available: By Stakes
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