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  1. HUD Settings / Caddy ReportHUD Settings / Caddy Report [Article]
    This can be turned on by going to HUD Settings > HUD Designer. Tick the "Start Caddy Report on HUD Launch" in the bottom right corner.
  2. HUD Settings /Stat Appearance / Stat SettingsHUD Settings /Stat Appearance / Stat Settings [Article]
    Font - Choose font type, style and size Popup - Choose Popups for your HUD Decimals - Set the decimal places used in you
  3. Heads Up Display (Ribbon)Heads Up Display (Ribbon) [Article]
    Heads-Up Display: Start HUD - Starts the HUD Stop Import - Stops Auto Import and the HUD &n
  4. Setup Preferred Seating For Winning Poker NetworkSetup Preferred Seating For Winning Poker Network [Article]
  5. HUD Settings / Chart DesignerHUD Settings / Chart Designer [Article]
  6. HUD Settings / NoteCaddy PopupsHUD Settings / NoteCaddy Popups [Article]
  7. Player HUDPlayer HUD [Article]
    The HUD, or Heads up Display, displays information about you and your opponents. Below is a sample Default 2.0 HUD:
  8. HUD Options and FeaturesHUD Options and Features [Article]
    This FAQ is a quick overview of all the new HUD settings and features in Holdem Manager 2. This is a visual FAQ for all those who do not like reading instructions and only want a quick overview of
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