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  1. HUD Settings / General SettingsHUD Settings / General Settings [Article]
  2. HUD Reporting ToolHUD Reporting Tool [Article]
    The HUD Reporting Tool in HM2 allows us to see HUD related issues much faster so we can put out an update faster. Please note that you may not get a prompt reply via email for any HUD Er
  3. How to Rollback to Old PopupsHow to Rollback to Old Popups [Article]
    We have updated our popup files to improve the overall look and structure. Here is an example of an old popup file:
  4. Backup and Reset HUD to Default HUD to troubleshoot HUD or Crashing IssuesBackup and Reset HUD to Default HUD to troubleshoot HUD or Crashing Issues [Article]
    Sometimes certain settings can cause HUD issues or HUD crashes. To rule out the HUD files being corrupt or a non default setting causing the issue backup the hud settings and restore
  5. HUD Settings / Popup DesignerHUD Settings / Popup Designer [Article]
  6. HUD Settings / Stat AppearanceHUD Settings / Stat Appearance [Article]
  7. HUD Settings / Seating PreferencesHUD Settings / Seating Preferences [Article]
    Preferred seating setup is now located in the
  8. HUD Settings / HUD FiltersHUD Settings / HUD Filters [Article]
  9. HUD Settings / Main Popup - Table HUDHUD Settings / Main Popup - Table HUD [Article]
  10. HUD Settings / Site OptionsHUD Settings / Site Options [Article]
  11. HUD Settings / HotkeysHUD Settings / Hotkeys [Article]
    Hotkeys will allow you to instantly mark a hand for: Review Bluffs Bad Beats Suckouts This is designed to be done mid-hand. Using t
  12. HUD Settings / HUD DesignerHUD Settings / HUD Designer [Article]
  13. HUD Popups Stat DescriptionsHUD Popups Stat Descriptions [Article]
    How to Rollback
  14. Table HUDTable HUD [Article]
    individual table mode', in this mode it would work like before, moving the arrows would only affect the table your at and not the others, this would be specifically for people using "multiple seating"...
  15. Setup Auto-Center or Preferred Seating For PokerStarsSetup Auto-Center or Preferred Seating For PokerStars [Article]
    Open the PokerStars > Options > 'Preferred Seat' menu. Enable [x] 'Auto-Center me' or... Enable [x] 'Don't Auto-Center me' and pick your 'Preferred Seat Settings'
  16. HUD Settings / Tournament FiltersHUD Settings / Tournament Filters [Article]
  17. NASH ChartsNASH Charts [Article]
    The popular NASH Charts are now included with Holdem Manager 2. We would like to thank along with for working with us on these charts. N
  18. HUD Settings / Caddy ReportHUD Settings / Caddy Report [Article]
    This can be turned on by going to HUD Settings > HUD Designer. Tick the "Start Caddy Report on HUD Launch" in the bottom right corner.
  19. HUD Settings /Stat Appearance / Stat SettingsHUD Settings /Stat Appearance / Stat Settings [Article]
    Font - Choose font type, style and size Popup - Choose Popups for your HUD Decimals - Set the decimal places used in you
  20. Heads Up Display (Ribbon)Heads Up Display (Ribbon) [Article]
    Heads-Up Display: Start HUD - Starts the HUD Stop Import - Stops Auto Import and the HUD &n
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