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HM2/OM2 Price and Upgrade Policy


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Download HM2:

Below are details about the upgrade policy and pricing. If you have any questions about pricing please email

If you are logged into and are eligible for an HM2/OM2 upgrade discount, the $ amount will appear at the top of the home page.  It is labeled "HM2 Discount CR".  When you click on the amount you will see which products and in what amount your upgrade discount applies.  Your discounted upgrade HM2/OM2 pricing is reflected in the red slash-through prices seen when clicking the Buy Now button on the applicable product page.



UPGRADE PRICING:  (Expires April 30th, 2014)

To automatically receive your upgrade discount, you must first login to  The account you are logged in under must have your HM1/OM1 code(s) uploaded.  If your code is not already attached to your account, you can manually upload it by clicking on "My Account".  Then click "Upload License code".  Once your code is attached to the account you are logged in under, you will automatically recieve a 39.7% discount on the total price of the equivilant HM2 product your upgrading to.  Your HM1/OM1 code will remain active after you upgrade to HM2/OM2, there is no expiry date on this.

After your upgrade credit, the net prices to you are:



Upgrading to a Different Product Type

You can not upgrade directly from HM1 if you have a different product type. For example, if you have HM1 small stakes holdem and want to upgrade to HM2 Pro, then you need to first upgrade HM1 small stakes to HM2 small stakes. Then you can upgrade from HM2 small stakes to Pro.





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