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Frequently Asked Questions
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  1. questionWhat do the HUD stats mean?
    Question: What do the HUD stats mean? Answer: Please see this FAQ for definitions of the stats in the popups.
  2. questionIs Holdem Manager Legal to use on Poker Sites?
    Question: Is Holdem Manager legal to use on poker sites? Answer: Yes it is! If there is any doubt, email the poker sites. If a site says Holdem Manager is not legal, please forward the email to: because all sites in the current release are supported by Holdem Manager.
  3. questionWhat can be done if the HUD does not work?
    Question: What can be done if the HUD does not work? Solution: Holdem Manager's HUD requires 3 things to make it operational. Hand Histories must be saved from the poker client to the hard drive. Holdem Manager must know where the poker clients' Hand Histories are. (Auto Import Folders) ...
  4. questionHow to Enable Desktop Composition in Windows 7 and Vista
    OPTION ONE Through Visual Effects Settings NOTE: This option will only affect your user account. Disabled desktop composition can cause issues while running Hold'em Manager 2. For full compatibility please make sure that desktop composition is enabled. Please follow this guide to enable it i ...
  5. questionHoldem Manager HMQL API - 3rd Party Developers
    The attached document has all the information for 3rd party developers who need to access the HMQL API. This is still a work in progress and if there is information you need to access that is currently not available email hm2support@holdemmanager with your suggestions. Document is not yet atta ...
  6. questionHow Do I Mark a Hand for Later Review?
    Question: How do I mark hands so I can find them easier in my database? Solution: Open a Hand History from a table you are playing at by clicking on a Last Hand Winner name in the Table Summary HUD Look at the picture below and note the box the Red Arrow points to. Tick this box to Mark the ...
  7. questionHow do I post hands in the forums?
    HM2 gives you the ability to post hands in forum friendly formats. Open the Hand Viewer by Right Clicking a hand in any hand view. Once you right click the hand, choose "view". This opens up the Hand History view. In the bottom right of this popup, there is a "Copy To Clipboard" opt ...
  8. questionHoldem Manager .NET Cleanup Instructions
    Reinstall Microsoft .NET Framework: If Vista/XP: 1) Download and run this uninstaller - 2) Install this one: Then download 4.0 here - ...
  9. questionHow Do I Send a Log File to Holdem Manager Support?
    Question: How do I send a log file to Holdem Manager Support? Answer: Sometimes a log file (and config/prefs files) is needed to help the support team determine the cause of an issue with Holdem Manager. If you use Windows 8 you will need to find the option below from the Start Screen > A ...
  10. questionSet Correct Permissions on files and folders HM2 use
    Sometimes when a folder is set to "read ony" or it doesn't have the correct read/write access it can cause HM2 not to function correctly because it cannot edit or write to a file that it needs to. Please follow the instructions below to ensure that all the necessary folders have the correct acce ...
  11. questionHM2/OM2 Price and Upgrade Policy
    Download HM2: UPGRADE PRICING: (Expired April 30th, 2014)
  12. questionI'm Running Out of Disk Space
    If your hard drive gets full, PostgreSQL will become corrupt. This will also cause performance issues. You should keep at least 10% free space at all times. Here are some suggestions to recover disk space on your hard drive. Run Database Maintenance to reduce your PostgreSQL database size. Run ...
  13. questionPlay Money Hands
    HM2 does not support play money or non-Holdem/Omaha hands. Play money and non-Holdem/Omaha hands do not get archived which could cause HM2's HUD performance to slow down. If you played unsupported hands in the past, we strongly suggest removing these hand histories from your hard drive. Naviga ...
  14. questionHow does Backup or Restore via PostgreSQL work? (Advanced Method)
    Question: How does Backup or Restore via PostrgeSQL work for HM2? (Advanced Method) Holdem Manager makes it simple to do a backup and restore via the Database Manager. The guide below is only for advanced users or people who cannot successfully create a backup with the Database Manager. No ...
  15. questionMouse Shortcuts
    - Dbl left click on player to switch to session, - Dbl right click to reset session (useful on Anon tables), - Dbl click on pots panel to switch everybody - rt click on note icon to open line analysis - lt click on note icon to write notes - lt click last x winner name to show HHV - lt click ...
  16. questionWhere are the HM Cloud FAQ's? (HM Cloud)
    HM Cloud FAQ's can be found here:
  17. questionHM2 Alert Viewer System
    The HM2 Alerts mechanism provides a mechanism for notifying users of important application events and errors. Status/severity of alerts will be shown in the status bar by the alert icon: => Unacknowledged Error Alerts => Unacknowledged Warning Alerts (and no unacknowledged errors ...
  18. questionWhat is HM Advisory?
    Question: What is HM Advisory? Answer: HM Advisory is where the most important information pertaining to Holdem Manager will be displayed. This information is updated as new features are added and important announcements are made.
  19. questionHow Are Widgets Added?
    Question: How are widgets added to Holdem Manager? Answer: On the Home Tab, click the Add Widget Button highlighted below. Once the Add Widget to Dashboard window appears, select the widget you want to add and click the Add Left or Right Widget Button at the bottom.
  20. questionHow does Backup and Restore Database, Settings and HUD configs work?
    Question: How does Backup and Restore Database, Settings and HUD configs work? Solution: Note: Always make sure the correct database is selected on the left before attempting to Backup or Restore. Note: If there are issues with Backup or Restore, please try the advanced backup and restore me ...
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